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Chaise pour “Gamer” Arozzi (ENZOBL) Bleu

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Capture 30 300x300 - Chaise pour "Gamer" Arozzi (ENZOBL) Bleu
Capture 30 100x100 - Chaise pour "Gamer" Arozzi (ENZOBL) Bleu
Capture 30 100x100 - Chaise pour "Gamer" Arozzi (ENZOBL) Bleu

399.99$ 249.99$

The Arozzi Enzo gaming chair delivers the sleek comfort you need to triumph with looks to match, whether you’re slogging through the jungle in your favorite FPS or finding your way in an MMO cavern or perhaps hacking through a coding marathon.

The Arozzi Enzo is designed in Sweden with ergonomically friendly features complemented by thick, high quality padding for the back, armrests and seat which allow for long sessions of gaming or work without nagging body fatigue. Enzo’s looks are inspired by championship motorsports and available in a variety of eye-catching colors to express your winning attitude.

Home, Office, LAN party, Dorm room—wherever you play hard or work hard the Enzo will help you take it to the next level…in comfort and style.

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